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filet Rioja is a type family inspired on how typography could be related to wine. It was first designed for the identity of Universidad de La Rioja (Logroño) and further developed in 2014 for comercial distribution.
Each style within the family is identified with a characteristic grape from Rioja vineyard region.

Designed by Andreu Balius (2008-2015).

Rioja web
Rioja is also available in different font formats for the web: Rioja webfont

Rioja print
Rioja typeface is available in OpenType font format (postscript flavoured) for print purposes, which can be installed in both Macintosh and Pc windows computers.
Rioja is available as webfont. Prices depen on page views per month. Font formats included in the package: .eot .woff and .woff2

Rioja [family package] print
[Viura, Tempranillo, Garnacha, Graciano, Mazuelo, Maturana]
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Rioja Viura print

# of computers

Rioja Tempranillo print

# of computers

Rioja Garnacha print

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Rioja Graciano print

# of computers

Rioja Mazuelo print

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Rioja Maturana print

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Rioja webfont

Small web: up to 100.000 page views / month
Medium web: up to 1.000.000 page views / month
Large web: up to 10.000.000 page views / month

Rioja [complete package] webfont
[Viura - Tempranillo - Garnacha - Graciano - Mazuelo - Maturana]
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Rioja Viura webfont
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Rioja Tempranillo webfont
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Rioja Garnacha webfont
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Rioja Graciano webfont
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Rioja Mazuelo webfont
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Rioja Maturana webfont
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