• How many people can use a typeface, and on how many computers?

    Desktop licenses are based on a number of computers where you will install your fonts. As a single user you are allowed to install our fonts in two computers (a workstation and a laptop, for instance). If you are a company, you will need a multiple user license, so you can install the fonts in different computers with different users.

  • Who should license the fonts, the designer or the client?

    Fonts are software, therefore anyone who uses them needs to own a license. If the designer is making a design work for a client, it is the designer (as the end-user) who should purchase a font license. In case the client wishes to use the font, then the client needs to purchase his own license. In brief, whoever installs the font should have a license.

  • I am designing a book, could I send a copy of the fonts to my printer?

    Sure. Our Desktop license allows you to send a copy of the fonts to your printer (or any service bureau) to be used in the production of your designed documents. Nevertheless you are responsible for ensuring the printer does not keep the fonts once the project is completed or uses the fonts illegally for other purposes.

  • I am designing my website, can I send a copy of the web fonts to a developer?

    Sure, you may provide the web fonts to your web developer for text styling purposes but he/she should use them only for your project and destroy them after the work is done. You are responsible for preventing unlicensed third-party access.

  • Can I share the font with my client?

    No, you are not allowed to pass on the font files to any third party, including clients. If your client wishes to use the font, they should purchase their own license.

  • Should I buy a font on behalf of my client?

    Fonts that are purchased through our website are licensed to the buyer, who is supposed to be the end user. It is better if the end user (your client) buys it directly. But, if you purchase the license, take into account that the name of the licensor should be the real user of the font.

  • I am working as a freelance for an agency, could I send a copy of the fonts to them?

    No. Even though you may be working on the same project, you will need more than a single license. You'd better send vectored images and text to them, instead.

  • Could I try a font before I purchase the license?

    Sure! You can access Fontstand if you want to test our fonts for free. Also, you can get a test license, if necessary. Please, contact us and tell about your project.

  • Can I modify a font for a private purpose?

    Yes, you can modify characters for your commercial work, converting to outlines and reshaping them (when designing a logo, for instance), but you cannot modify font file metadata or convert the font format.

  • Could I convert a Desktop OpenType font to a Webfont format?

    No. You are not allowed to convert fonts from one format to another. Font converters do not guarantee a good result and we don’t like that. You need to get a Webfont license, instead.

  • What payment methods are accepted?

    Typerepublic accepts the most common credit cards, such as Mastercard, VISA, American Express. If you wish to pay using another method, please get in touch with us.

  • What will I receive when I purchase a license?

    Upon a successful payment, you will get an immediate download with the required font files in a .zip folder. You will also access to your invoice that will grant the license. A personalized End User License Agreement (EULA) document will be sent in the following days. Please, keep your invoice and EULA document for future requirements and font upgrades.

  • Do you have discounts for students?

    Sure! We offer 50% discount to students. Also, students can access Fontstand if they want to test our fonts for free.