Desktop License

Typerepublic Desktop license (or print license) is intended to be used on a desktop computer. This is the most frequent license supplied to design studios, creative agencies, freelance designers, printers and individuals. Desktop licenses are based on the number of users that will use the font. The more users (and computers) the higher the license fee is. Nevertheless, desktop licenses are perpetual (one-time fee) and you have unlimited use of the fonts for any of your design projects.

WebFont License

Typerepublic webfont license is intended for websites and allows you to self-host the webfonts under the @font-face rule on your web server up to the amount of purchased page views. Webfont are prepared for on-screen rendering.

The license is based on a monthly page views allowance for the webfonts. It is perpetual (one-time fee), that means that the license does not need to be renewed if the site remain within that monthly page views. If traffic and page views increases, license should be upgraded accordingly.

Please, take into account that webfont format is not suitable for printing purposes. A Desktop license should be purchased instead.

ePub License

Typerepublic ePub license is intended for font embedding in electronic publications such as eBooks, eMagazines and eNewspapers for commercial distribution. The ePub license is perpetual (one-time fee) for a single title or periodical.

App License

Typerepublic App license is intended for a mobile app in iOS, Android, Windows Phone or any other mobile device. It allows font embedding into mobile applications. Although it is a multi-platform license, fonts need to be licensed per each app and not per number of users.

Server License

Typerepublic server licenses are intended to be used on a server by remote non-licensed users to create documents, such as PDFs or other customized graphics. The final artwork can be downloaded, but the licensed fonts may not be distributed or downloaded from the server. This license is valid for one year and is renewed each year that the font remains in use. Please, ask for an estimate for this kind of license.

Broadcast License

Typerepublic broadcast license is intended for all media formats, including Television, Internet video broadcast, Audio-visual, Video, Films, Serials, Movies. Fonts can be used for titling and credits, or any other text that should appear on screen. The license is one-time fee and is not limited to a number of users. It could be combined with our webfont license. Please, ask for an estimate for this kind of license.

Gaming License

Typerepublic offers Gaming license that allows to use our fonts within a game title. Gaming license depends on the amount of platforms you would like to use the fonts. Nevertheless, fonts are licensed for unlimited downloads or installations of the game. Please, ask for an estimate for this kind of license.

Corporate License

Typerepublic offers corporate licenses to companies and brands who need a more global use for the fonts. Corporate license include all font formats (for any use), covering unlimited number of users within the company and unlimited locations. Also includes unlimited number of web page-views, apps, ePub and server licenses. Also, a minor customization of the fonts may be included. Valid for one single legal entity.

Please, get in touch and we will provide you with an estimate.

Test License

Typerepublic offers free trial licenses that can be used for testing purposes, only. Free trial license does not include student work.

Some of Typerepublic fonts are available through Fontstand, where you can try them for free, or rent them for a fraction of the regular price.