Graphic Art with high doses of cholesterol


For a long time now I have been collecting the printed wrapping papers that are popular with many Spanish butchers. These are special paraffin wax papers used to wrap hamburgers, sausages, chicken, steaks, and any other sort of meat. These papers have a double function: to protect the meat on ... Read more.

by Andreu Balius 07/02/2019
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Rioja: Una tipografía con sabor a vino


Andreu Balius acaba de presentar Rioja, una familia tipográfica de «estructura sencilla, pero con grosor, con potencia, con sabor». Inicialmente el proyecto nació en 2006 como un encargo, pero al igual que sucede con los buenos enólogos, Balius hizo que Rioja fuera madurando y adquiriendo nuevos matices y variantes hasta... Read more.

by María Ángeles Domínguez / Graffica 03/05/2015
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Letras para el mundo real


Cuando seleccionamos una determinada fuente tipográfica para visualizar un texto en pantalla, estamos seleccionando su particular tono de voz. La tipografía, una especialidad hasta hace unas décadas restringida al ámbito profesional, ha terminado por alcanzar la esfera de lo cotidiano. A pocos se les escapa que hablar en t... Read more.

by Andreu Balius 29/02/2012
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Gold LAUS 2019 Awards


Corporate multi-script type family for SEAT has been awarded with a GOLD certificate at Spanish LAUS Graphic Design Competition within the category of Alphabet design. It includes Arabic, Hebrew, Greek, Cyrillic and Latin, together with an extended set of private use symbols. The process of design of Seat Bcn type family has been a journey through the geometric types of the 1930s and the grotesque ... Read more.

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‘Cárnicas Gráficas’ – A butcher wrappers book


‘Cárnicas Gráficas 2’ is a reissue of the book Cárnicas Gráficas coedited in 2013 by Adicciones porquesí and Typerepublic. With a new larger page format, ‘Cárnicas Gráficas 2’ contains all the graphic material of its predecessor with some new additions. It mantains the waxed paper jacket, as well as some colour spread pages with examples of the butcher wrappers in its original appearance. In ... Read more.

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Workshop on modular type at ESAD- Matosinhos


As a way to celebrate Bauhaus 100, we proposed a workshop were principles such as experimentation and modularity in type design had to be delivered. We understand modularity as a way to reduce complex systems into a more flexible and dynamic ones. Systems where components can be combined in different ways. The workshop aimed students to create their own modular systems in order to design a ... Read more.

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Seat aplica su nueva tipografía Seat BCN


La marca Seat ha empezado a aplicar de forma extensiva su nueva tipografía corporativa Seat BCN, creada especialmente por Typerepublic para dicha marca. Seat BCN se puede ver ya aplicada a vallas publicitarias de grandes dimensiones, así como en aeropuertos y estaciones de tren. También en las campañas de publicidad en medios audiovisuales. Aeropuerto de Barcelona Estación Barcelona-Sants Read more.

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Type workshop and talk at Salzburg University of Applied Sciences


Salzburg is a very nice city located in the Tyrolian Alps, in Austria. It is internationally renowned for its baroque architecture and was the birthplace of 18th-century composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Andreu delivered his “Type & Soul” talk where he reflects on some aspects of his type work, emphasizing the importance of giving meaning to the design of a new typeface. The type workshop was deve... Read more.

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