‘Cárnicas Gráficas’ – A butcher wrappers book

‘Cárnicas Gráficas 2’ is a reissue of the book Cárnicas Gráficas coedited in 2013 by Adicciones porquesí and Typerepublic.
With a new larger page format, ‘Cárnicas Gráficas 2’ contains all the graphic material of its predecessor with some new additions. It mantains the waxed paper jacket, as well as some colour spread pages with examples of the butcher wrappers in its original appearance.

In Cárnicas Gráficas we have compiled an extensive collection of butcher wrapper paper designs. Graphic art made without any pretension. Among them, there are an infinity of styles and compositions, references to popular culture, from naive images of happy animals to a gore universe of little pigs trimming each other. The collection has pieces that date from the 70s to the present. A compilation never done before that will surprise you.

The book is available at Adicciones porquesí online book shop

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