Super Veloz Centenary Collection

Joan Trochut’s SuperVeloz is back at Typerepublic to celebrate the 100th year of his birth. This collection of 12 brand new styles (all of them with extended character sets and alternative forms) is based on Joan Trochut prints.
Using the set of modules from the original SuperVeloz released by Typerepublic in 2004, this collection has ready made letterforms to make it easier to set text and use them at very large sizes for expressive headlines.

1920 was the birth year of Joan Trochut Blanchart, the designer of SuperVeloz modular type system. This 2020 year is a very special year in many senses, since a lot of things —both emotional and professional— have happened to all of us. At Typerepublic we would not like to finish this 2020 year without a very sensitive homage to Joan Trochut (1920-1980), a typographer and type designer who had offered such a huge contribution to our local type culture. Joan Trochut could synthesize the Arabesque ornamental mediterranean tradition with the European rational Modernism of the 30’s. Super Veloz was a modular type system that combined local trends with the beat of modern typography in a way that only an innovative mind could do.
We are proud of his work legacy and, as part of our type catalogue, we are glad to feature the SuperVeloz Centenary Collection that includes different typefaces created from the original collections of SuperVeloz modules. Some of them have been inspired from designs composed and presented in some of his type specimen volumes —the Novadam album—, while other typefaces have been completed from some samples appearing on those specimen books.
Using the digitized version of SuperVeloz released in 2004, Typerepublic is currently offering a complete character set ready to be used for display text, titling and drop caps.
The SuperVeloz Centenary Collection is a tribute to Joan Trochut, a way to revive and visualize his work and provide good memory of his type legacy.

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