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Graphic Art with high doses of cholesterol


For a long time now I have been collecting the printed wrapping papers that are popular with many Spanish butchers. These are special paraffin wax papers used to wrap hamburgers, sausages, chicken, steaks, and any other sort of meat. These papers have a double function: to protect the meat on ... Read more.

by Andreu Balius 07/02/2019
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The Typerepublic Press #1


Some good news from the Republic of Type: The Typerepublic Press #1 has been just launched. This is the first issue of a collection of type specimens that will exhibit some of the typefaces designed at Typerepublic for commercial distribution. This 16-page newspaper series offers different sort of content related with our type culture. In this first issue we feature an article about Barcelona Lettering and ... Read more.

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‘Cárnicas Gráficas’ – A butcher wrappers book


‘Cárnicas Gráficas 2’ is a reissue of the book Cárnicas Gráficas coedited in 2013 by Adicciones porquesí and Typerepublic. With a new larger page format, ‘Cárnicas Gráficas 2’ contains all the graphic material of its predecessor with some new additions. It mantains the waxed paper jacket, as well as some colour spread pages with examples of the butcher wrappers in its original appearance. In ... Read more.

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