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Rioja: Una tipografía con sabor a vino


Andreu Balius acaba de presentar Rioja, una familia tipográfica de «estructura sencilla, pero con grosor, con potencia, con sabor». Inicialmente el proyecto nació en 2006 como un encargo, pero al igual que sucede con los buenos enólogos, Balius hizo que Rioja fuera madurando y adquiriendo nuevos matices y variantes hasta... Read more.

by María Ángeles Domínguez / Graffica 03/05/2015
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Tubqal Pro: a new typeface


New release of the tri-script family Tubqal Pro based on the previous Tubqal typeface commissioned by the Khatt Foundation as part of the Typographic Matchmaking in the Maghrib 3.0. The goals of the Typographic Matchmaking projects are to nurture cultural dialogue and help develop local design skills. In this case, Tubqal, as a multi-script typeface includes Tifinagh, Maghribi-based Arabic and Latin in order to provide a ... Read more.

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The Typerepublic Press #1


Some good news from the Republic of Type: The Typerepublic Press #1 has been just launched. This is the first issue of a collection of type specimens that will exhibit some of the typefaces designed at Typerepublic for commercial distribution. This 16-page newspaper series offers different sort of content related with our type culture. In this first issue we feature an article about Barcelona Lettering and ... Read more.

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