Seat BCN

Design by Andreu Balius

Client: SEAT / Wolkswagen Group

Corporate typeface for Seat car brand company. Seat BCN is a multi-script type family that supports different scripts such as Latin, Arabic, Greek, Cyrillic and Hebrew, and includes a large set of styles for each one in order to fit with all company needs.

Seat BCNimage


Design by Andreu Balius

Client: Gobierno de la Rioja

Riojana is a family text typeface commisioned by the Government of La Rioja Autonomous Community, Spain. It is a humanistic sans serif designed to be used for any institutional government communication, for both print and screen media.



Design by Andreu Balius

Client: Acciona

Corporate typeface designed for Acciona, a global company with a business model based on sustainability. This extended Latin family of eighteen weights reflects the brand’s spirit for functionality and sustainable infrastructure services.


Seat Cupra

Design by Andreu Balius

Client: Seat / Wolkswagen Group

Corporate typeface for Seat sports car brand Cupra.

Seat Cupraimage

Victoria’s Secret

Design by Andreu Balius

Client: Victoria’s Secret

A customized version of Carmen typeface designed for Victoria’s Secret.

Victoria’s Secretimage


Design by Andreu Balius

Client: Belgacom / Saffron Brand Consultants

Proximus text and Proximus web are corporate typefaces designed for the identity of Proximus–Belgacom, together with Saffron Brand Consultants. The type family includes both print and web fonts, also a special extra bold weight has been designed for internet tv.



Design by Andreu Balius

Client: Ferrovial / Summa Brand Consultants

Corporate typeface designed for Ferrovial. The basic family, including regular, light and bold, is intended for both corporate and text composition.



Design by Andreu Balius

Client: Cepsa / Saffron Brand Consultants

Custom type for display purposes, such as products and brand services. The shapes of letters are based on the popular Cepsa logotype.


Pradell Chillan

Design by Andreu Balius

Client: La Discusión Newspaper (Chile)

Pradell Chillan is a customized version of Pradell family for newspaper ‘La Discusión’, in Chile.

Pradell Chillanimage


Design by Andreu Balius

Client: Signes

Custom type for signal system purposes. The typeface is intended to work in as many different signal contexts as possible. So versatility was one of the main goals to achieve when designing this typeface.



Design by Andreu Balius / Pepe Gimeno

Client: Lladró

Corporate typeface for Lladró, the famous handmade decorative porcelain company based in Valencia, Spain. Lladró is a one-family typeface to work as a complementary typeface with the Lladró logotype.