Arte TV

Design by Arte TV

Font: Barna

ARTE – a unique media channel in the European audiovisual landscape

ARTE is a Franco-German and European Adventure. Public service TV channel ARTE supports creativity and culture in all forms. Programs are broadcast 24/7 on all types of screens throughout Europe and beyond.
ARTE is available in six languages, so 360 million Europeans can watch in their mother tongue. All the programmes go out in French and German, and hundreds of hours of factual programming are subtitled in English, Spanish, Polish and Italian. Subtitling is co-financed by the European Union to promote multilingual distribution of high-quality audio-visual content.
The Barna Stencil typeface accentuates the magnetic effect of the logo. Barna Stencil is, indeed, crafted like a stencil, a reminder that ARTE has that special “hand-made” quality, a human touch with values and savoir-faire.